Diva Labs

Truly Decentralized

Diva is a platform for Ethereum liquid staking that uses distributed validators. They aim to provide truly decentralized staking, moving past today’s centralized delegated pools.

The team came to us with an identity that didn’t relate to their target user or product. We created an identity that their users would experience when staking ETH, everything from the logo, colors, and typography, to the motion, icons, landing page and UI. By using cool tones, sturdy shapes and liquid corners, we created the secure and smooth feeling that users want when trusting a platform with their money.

“We worked directly with Sasha. He was proactive in communication, often driving the project forward even when we took longer to answer. The team did brilliant work, bringing new ideas to the table and filling in the gaps with concepts we didn’t know we needed. 10/10. Hire them while you can.” - Pablo Villalba (CEO)

Other work